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About My IP Address

My IP Address

For usual users, IP Address is just something that connects their computer with the internet. Though I’d rather recommend you to learn more about your IP address to secure your computer from the threat internet transmits which makes your data vulnerable and open to viruses.

Basic Info on IP Address

IP (Internet Protocol) address is basically a set of random numbers that is unique every time and assigned to particular computing device to identify itself and to make it connected with other devices in network. Currently, according to latest survey, there are above 18 million addresses reserved for private networks and about 275 million for multicast servers. So from these 4 billion approx. computer servers connected to the internet, yours is one which in my perspective should made protected efficiently in order to keep your data away from any peril.

Hiding My IP Address

Though many will say that hiding IP address is not legal, but the truth is there is no other way of protecting yourself from the threats that World Wide Web possess than this is. Indeed there are many other benefits as well that you will get by hiding your IP Address.

The primary reason why you should hide your real IP address would be to protect your own from those that are always bent on carefully check your on-line practices as well as tasks. Many individuals do not recognize it but there are many web sites out there that watch your online activities on a regular basis for different reasons however primarily to attempt as well as offer you something by sending you SPAM emails and other things. Protecting your personal privacy online is crucial.

Reasons Why You Should Hide Your IP Address

  • Hide your IP address and surf the web anonymously.
  • It will protect your data from dreaded spywares.
  • It will avoid pop up advertisements on your pc completely.