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What is a Domain Age Checker? Why I need a Domain Age Checker ?


The domain age refers to the length of time a website has been active and registered in the web. Older websites usually gain more visitors since they are established and trusted. It's hard to compete against websites that are years ahead of yours in terms of domain age.

There are two things that are considered when coming up with a site's domain age with a domain age checker:

  • It is usually reflected on how long the site has been registered.
  • How the site has been relatively active and accessible to visitors.

The search engines will be able to tell a site's domain age by looking into the first relevant inbound link is found. Once found, that’s where the counting for the domain age starts. There are domain age checker software available as well if you want consistent results.

As I've mentioned that the age of the site can and will affect search engine results, it's pretty important in SEO. Since these websites have high quality inbound and outgoing links, chances are they will be ranked higher in the search engines. Once trust to a site has been established along with quality content and of course links, it's then marked by search engines as a trusted site.

Since older sites give more guarantee to the search engines regarding what they can offer their visitors, search engines will favor them over the new ones.

However, it doesn’t mean that new websites don’t stand a chance. It may take time, effort and patience but building up a good and reliable website with high quality content and links will pay off in the long run.

If you want to know the age of a certain website, just go to and use their domain age checker service. It will tell you the exact age of a certain website so you can use the knowledge to your advantage and improve or enhance your SEO strategies.

Need to use domain age checker for your website

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