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What is a PageRank Checker? Why I need a Page Rank Checker ?


Know Your Rank with the Free Pagerank Checker

If you’ve been involved or somehow has some knowledge in SEO then you would have heard of pagerank. Pagerank is important in SEO as it is what Google uses to determine the relevance of a website or page. This is one of the factors that Google considers which pages should appear in search engine results.

Using a pagerank checker enables you to know your rank in Google and with it, focus in making the changes necessary for your site to improve in the rankings.


What is a pagerank and is it important?

Google developed pagerank in order to stop pages to flood the results with repeated keywords. Prior to pagerank, webmasters and marketers would repeat keywords as search results depend on keyword density. By doing so, they would rank higher and be more visible in search engines.

The pagerank measure's a page or site's importance, these include sites with relevant or important links that are led to them. Every time you search for something, all the results are displayed are tallied according to page rank. The more relevant and higher number of links point to that website, then bigger the chance of that side to land on the first page of the search engines.

So how can you improve your pagerank?

  • Get links from pages which have a higher pagerank. Obtaining valuable links from these pages will affect your ranking.
  • Search for high quality links from high page rank sites and exchange links with them if they offer such services. Use a pagerank checker each time to determine if these links have helped your site.
  • Gather relevant links to improve your pagerank. All the links pointing to your site must be relevant to the site or page topic.
  • Make sure you also have high quality and relevant content in your website. People would prefer to link to a website that has good content and is similar to their niches. By doing so, you are already providing links in exchange for theirs. It’s one of the ways for you to earn high quality links as well.
  • Linking these links to your own site will work as well, just don’t overdo it. Many websites use this technique and it’s fairly effective.

Increasing your pagerank will give an edge to your site since other sites will view it as an authority website. Though it will give you higher search engine results, your target is to be viewed as an authority website. That's why you need to build up reliable links pointing to your site. High conversion rates, no spamming and don't ever use link farms since that would just blacklist you from the search engines.


Is there a way for me to know my Google pagerank?

Yes, there are a number of ways that you can check your pagerank in Google. You can use a Google pagerank checker to know where you land in Google's ranking such as the one in It’s a free pagerank service generator that gives you an idea as to where you land on Google’s pagerank.

You have to be aware of fraudulent page rank checkers out there that claim to check your pagerank but what they really do is redirect these sites to their own. They scam people into thinking that they are submitting their sites for evaluation when in reality; they are using these sites to access sites with higher page rank.

You will now if a pagerank checker software is legit since they will give you results regarding your website and domains. They won’t ask for you to link your site anywhere since that is not the point of the software.

Free online pagerank checker tool to increase your traffic

If you are going to start a new online business, first of all you have to consider the Google page rank for your commercial website. Today, most of the customers are searching products or services from the first page result of Google search engine. Seo is a popular digital marketing service providing you the top rank on this Google page. Thus, it is essential to make use of the pagerank checker to check your current Google page rank after getting seo service. Everyone can use tools.real-backlinks website providing top-notch page rank checker tool for the online business professionals.

This tool requires you to enter your commercial website URL and image verification to get your current page ranks on Google. According to the result, you can improve your traffic by getting high quality seo services. This page rank checking tool is actually a popular seo tool for all business websites. This tools.real-backlinks platform is an expert in providing more than 50 seo tools for completely free of cost.

Why need Pagerank checker:

To begin a successful online business, the Pagerank checker is an essential rating system which indicates how vital a certain website folio in felling on the internet. It is as well as the polling system displaying web pages which have a majority of audience votes. Google page rank is one of the crucial factors used to decide the quality and popularity of your domain. High page rank means the good chance to rank well in Google for your used keywords. This is why it is too important to use reliable pagerank checker tool online to get results about your current page rank. No wonder that many commercial website owners would want to know the page rank value of their platforms. You can simply improve your website traffic by often checking your page rank through this tool. The process of checking a page rank on such online tool includes several steps.

  1. Whenever you enter a URL of your business website on the best PageRank checker tool, the tool will immediately contact the Google server.
  2. As a response, the page rank value of the given domain URL is displayed.

PageRank checking tool has in-built algorithms and equations to contact the Google server page and get current status of the given domain URL on the search engine results. Any online user, website owner, or a web developer can enter a particular business website URL in the text area of the page rank checker online tool and get your result within a few seconds.

Always don’t go for the seo tools asking you invest money to check your Google ranking and etc.  A reliable page rank checkers offer you the text area where you can paste more than one urls. A tool will check the pagerank of all given domains at the same time. Such types of page rank checking tools are totally free to use for 24/7.