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 The importance of MD5:

The acronym for the MD5 is Message Digest algorithm 5 and it is a cryptographic hash function. It was invented in 1991 by Ronal Rivest but nowadays, the webmasters are using the advanced MD algorithms. It is a hash function used to check the reliability of the downloaded files of a webpage. It also used to generate hashes from the user data for authentication purpose. The MD5 generators are used to encrypt the user’s credential details such as User ID & Password. The entered details of the users can be compared with pre-stored value using the MD 5 hashes. The users cannot reverse these hashes and at any time it will not retrieve the original value.

Process of MD5 generator tool: 

The online md5 generator is commonly used to verify the integrity of the data. To convert data into the MD5 Hash the users need to enter the text in the generator box. Then they need to click on the submit button and within few seconds the data will be converted as MD 5 Hashes. It is the simplest way to have the MD5 for the web pages. The generator tool will take the random data of the webpage and produces the hash value as the output, which is fixed always. 

It is a useful for encrypting the sensitive data like password, bank account details and for credit card details. The data which are stored in the Mysql database will be safely stored using this MD 5 hashes method. Using this tool is very easy and the administrators of a website can store their credentials after changing them as the hash value. If the users forgot the password or if it is changed by another then they can reset the credentials in the database. This process can be achieved using the help of MD5 generator can only. The same process can be done manually, but the users need to hire a professional to do it. Hiring a seo professional for this task will cost too high. So, the users are highly recommended to use this online tool, which ensures the data integrity of their website. It also safeguards the sensitive data from the malwares or hack.