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Speed of a webpage basically depends upon its hosting company. And it is one of the core things which should be right in order to drive the maximum traffic to your site. So you should be very unbendable when it comes to the response and loading time to search engine queries.

Now Google gives more priority then before to site’s speed and performance in allotting page rankings. Which means you can only get top ranking for your webpages when your site responds to Google bot and other engines swiftly. Improve your site performance, as it important to your visitor as well as top search engines.

Top Priority Ways to Decrease Your Site Loading Time

  • Check for Errors in HTML
  • Don’t Insert Too Much Flash Items or Videos
  • External Files Should be in CSS and JavaScript
  • Do Designing Works with CSS as Well

In addition to all above mentioned benefits of having a fast and speedy site, it improves user experience and reduces the working cost in particular. It is definite that Google is on the top of the search engines list. And as it is the best signal when ranking sites, it will be a good idea to look after your web site speed, and make sure that it is sufficient enough to rank your site good on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Surely if you are planning to take your ecommerce site or blog to upper level of earning, Page Speed Checker is something you should try often.

Never Lose Your Visitors

Obviously smaller sites don’t run into that much issue of dull speed. Though if you are running a big site with tons of data with images and videos especially, then it makes it necessary for you to timely correct and optimize the whole site before you start losing your visitors and Search Engine Page Ranking.