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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Advantages of adding robots.txt file to the root directory

The huge growth of the internet makes the people to avail any kind of service through online. The consumers can purchase products or hire the professional for particular services. That’s why business analysts always suggest the small medium industries to provide their services through online. Launching an official platform and promoting the services or products are not only enough to increase the business margin. The companies need to use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for their website. It is the process of modifying the content & structure of the website to increase its visibility on the internet. The SEO professionals will add best content and related keywords to the page. So, the search engines will index and crawl the page often and that will make the website to be displayed on the top results.  

The importance of using Robot.txt:

Choosing the leading SEO firm is very important because they can only provide all the essential services in effective manner. The users can find plenty of SEO tools from the It provides more than 50 SEO tools and the users can all of them can be utilized for free. The robots.txt generator is an important tool for the websites and it can be freely created using the above mentioned portal. The Robots.txt needs to be placed on the root directory of the website and help the Search Engines or other Robots, which are allowed to visit & index the website.

The Spiderbots of the search engines will start to crawl the website by identifying the robots.txt in root domain level. However, the users can add only one robots.txt to their domain and it should not be placed in any other Subdirectory. The online robots.txt generator, which is available in, is an easy-to-use too. It will create a proper robots.txt file for the user’s website or blog. It permits the specification for numerous search engines including the Google. The users can set the crawl time, deny or allow the bots and add Sitemap for their website. The robots.txt file can be used to save the resource bandwidth and it is useful to blog the impolite bots that crawls the user’s website.

Benefits of robots.txt file:

The robots can be used for the Statistical Analysis of a website. It is useful in finding the total number of documents per server and the average size of a complete website. The maintenance would be difficult if the page is moved or removed but the robots will verify the references and locate the dead links. It can effectively maintain the Structure, Content, HTML codes and Updates of a website. The web mirroring can be implemented using the robot and it maintains the cached document of a website up-to-date. The most exciting application of using the robots.txt is resource discovery. The name of the robot, which is used by the search engines, is Crawler and Spider is another term used by the SEO professionals. So, the users are advised to use the online robots generator to increase their website’s visibility.