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Decode a text with the use of URL decoder

Optimizing your site to meet the requirements of search engine is considered to be an important task. The online URL decoder tool is used to translate any coded message into a readable form. The tool is available in the tools.real-backlink website at free of charge. It is possible to encode or decode with the use of this tool. You just need to place the URL in the text box and then you acquire the both encode and decode form of the text. With the use of this tool, you can acquire high amount of traffic to your website. Visitors can easily identify the language of your URL with the help of this amazing seo tool. Even you can get other important seo tools in this website without any hassles. The percent character in the URL is replaced with strings by means of this decoder tool. The decoder tool available in this site helps you to create a standard URL as per the certain rules.  If the entered characters are not accepted as per the standards, it is replaced by % or ISO 2 digit hexadecimal numbers.

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URL encoder tool

The URL encoder is one of the back link tools which allow you to quickly encode and decode a text in the URL. When you want to make any changes or add special characters in the URL, the URL encoder is very useful for you. By using this tool, you can perform many changes in the URL such as,

  • Percent encoding
  • Adding special characters or parameters
  • Encoding replaces with an unallowable character with a %
  • Encoding replaces with additional two hexadecimal values

The URL encoder is a quick online encoding tool which produces fast and better results to the user. This tool has an ability to encode with multiple URL encoding at the same time. However, this tool is very simple and easy to work by simply giving an input string of text to encode quickly and then click on “check”HowH

 Or “submit” button to view the results. The URL encoder tool will not accept any characters like non-printing characters and “&” symbol. If have any of these characters in your URL, you just replace them with a special character code that the browsers can interpret as a right symbol.

For instance, if you want to replace the escaped character code with a special character for ‘=’, then you have simply written as, ‘%3d’.

You really want to use encoding with the special symbols; the URL encoder tool is a good option for you which help you to encode the string as quickly as possible. However, this kind of tool is very gracious for the degradation of functionality which can be widely used by default in the client-side JavaScript functionality. This tool will really improve the user experience and give them a desired output very quickly. If you want to get many SEO and backlinks tool, you just refer the tools.real-backlink site and increase your serp ranking.